Singapore: extending our stay

A two-day excursion to Singapore was a chance to get away from the chaotic “Big Durian” and relax in the impeccably neat and organized “Lion City.” I adore Jakarta, truly, in all of it’s madness and excitement, but the smell of clean air and the security of driving within lanes was greatly appreciated when we got to Singapore. Flying out and back into Indonesia was necessary in order to acquire new 30 day visas for Jeremiah and I. Next time we will surely try to stay a while longer to explore more of this lovely little island.

Singapore: sidewalks

I always look down at my feet while I’m walking. Perhaps this is due to inheritance of a clumsiness gene from my mother, or maybe it’s because Jakarta’s sidewalks are littered with treacherous palm leaves, garbage, and frequent gaping holes. At any rate, the sidewalks in Singapore were so varied and lovely I forced Jeremiah to photograph every surface we walked on. The samples above are from a mere two block stretch.

Singapore: storefronts

What an elaborate city! Walking the streets of Singapore was like walking through a dream for Jeremiah and I. The definition of picturesque; everywhere we looked there was something to photograph.

These street views of various shops exemplify, for us, a blend of past and present, ornamentation and structure, a cultural energy living in perfect harmony with advancing technology. They reveal what we came to know as the essence of Singapore.

Jakarta, Indonesia: vegetarian cuisine

Nothing extravagant,

Dappled light

Sweet potato chips.

Couldn’t help but steal a chip to garnish the soup. Loving the deep red-violet with orange.

Mushroom burger.

Chunky Monkey raw ice cream.

The assorted dinnerware makes each dish feel extra-special.

Adorably packaged “energy balls” for the ride home.

I’m beginning to consider writing a separate food blog because I just can’t get over the incredible flavors and unique ingredients we’ve encountered here. Indonesian cuisine is delicious but very complex, so Jeremiah and I decided to make this first entry about something more familiar to us - veggie burgers. Jeremiah did some research online and discovered Burgreens, a quaint little eatery with a mouth-watering menu. The atmosphere was peaceful but alive and youthful. I loved the simplicity of the decor, especially the patio built around the trees in the front yard. The canopy of leaves provided shady relief and scattered sunlight beautifully across the space. We indulged in a three course lunch starting with the sweet potato chips and pumpkin soup made with coconut milk. Jeremiah then devoured his mushroom burger as I sampled the mini burger trio. The freshness of the ingredients and their careful preparation was evident in the bright and delicate flavors. For dessert I couldn’t resist chunky monkey raw ice cream - chocolatey, peanut butter banana bliss. Every dish was picture perfect and the service was wonderful. We had a great time chatting with everyone after we finished eating and picked up some good travel tips. Looking forward to spending many more afternoons enjoying delicious, healthy food at this delightful little spot.

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