Pantai Parangtritus: the beach

Black sands composed of lava fragments.

Sand patterns made by bubble crabs.

After two months of living on an island in the tropics, it was gratifying to finally get my feet in the sand and to wade in the refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean. On this particularly bright, windy day there were very few people on the beach. Jeremiah and I took a long walk along the shore, observing the intricate sand patterns made by bubble crabs and ATV tires. Curious about the dark sand, I did some research and learned that Pantai Parangtritus is a black sand beach, composed of ash and lava fragments from the nearby volcanoes. When the hot lava flow meets the ocean water it cools rapidly, shattering into tiny particles. Plenty of sunshine, warm sand, healing seawater, fruit juice and fresh fish for lunch; it all sums up to a perfect afternoon in my mind.

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