Istanbul, Turkey: art

Well, considering that this is a travel blog from an artist’s perspective, I might as well wrap up our visit to Istanbul with an entry about some art that we saw there. The exhibition at the Istanbul Modern, entitled “Past and Future,” featured a variety of pieces from the museum’s permanent collection of modern and contemporary art. Walking into the museum, Jeremiah and I were struck by and odd sense of familiarity. Having never been to a modern art museum outside of the United States, we were uncertain of what we would see. Many of the works reminded us of artists’ works that we know, demonstrating how the influence of major artists spreads rapidly around the globe.

It is no surprise to the people who know my taste in art, that this painting, “Interpretation of Nature” by Devrim Erbil captivated me immediately. I adore his color palette and his application of the paint, layering thin washes of vibrant yellows and thicker bands of gray. There is a harmony of color, shape, and texture that allows me to sit and gaze at every square inch of the canvas without feeling bored or overwhelmed. Aside from being aesthetically drawn to his work, I found the description of his work to be insightful as well. According to the author, “The paintings of Devrim Erbil explore where ‘nature’ ends and ‘abstraction’ begins.” It’s pleasantly reassuring to see artwork in a distant country and read about artists who view the world in a similar way and appreciate the same kind of beauty that I do.

Next stop: Jakarta, Indonesia.

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