Jakarta, Indonesia: color

We finally made it to Indonesia and it is more beautiful, more exciting, and much more of an adventure than I was expecting. We are staying just outside of Jakarta in South Tangerang. It is not the vibrant bustling city that I had anticipated, but rather a residential community of expats and Indonesian people. Getting around has been very difficult so far with the insane traffic and lack of public transportation. Instead, Jeremiah and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood, which has actually been better for getting an authentic feel for the Indonesian lifestyle and having a chance to stop and look closely at interesting new things.

When Jeremiah was deciding which cameras to bring on our trip and what kind of film to shoot with, color was the immediate answer. The shades of green are limitless here. We were especially captivated by the empty lot above with that brilliant yellow green grass in the foreground and the strip of darker jungle green against the blues of the concrete wall. I adore that photo for its color and for its stunning composition.

The diversity in the tropical vegetation is unbelievable. I love that in our neighborhood all of the palms and fruit trees are labeled so that I can have my own little biology lesson while walking the dog. My favorite palm has a beautiful textured trunk with a surprising color palette of pinks, orange, yellow ochre and green. I can envision a new body of work inspired by these palms…

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