Yogyakarta: narrowing our focus

I hope the pictures that Jeremiah and I choose to post on this blog aren’t all blurring together. It has been quite a challenge to achieve solid, simple, beautiful images when we are inundated by the complexity of our surroundings. Despite having been here for over two months, touring Indonesia remains to be an overwhelming experience for the senses. “Texture overload” is what Jeremiah and I call it. As a result, we’ve narrowed our focus to expose some exquisite details.

Some of the most remarkably beautiful things in life are found in the most ordinary places. Chaotic surroundings keep these things hidden in plain view. In order to truly appreciate the beauty of a wall like this, one must remove it from its busy environment, and place it in the simple context of a white background. Fortunately, we have done the capturing, exposing, sorting, selecting, editing, and arranging of dozens of pictures for our viewers to sit back and delight in one final composed image.

Making this blog has been a lot like making a painting for me. It’s all about careful consideration of the words, images, and format to make something that quietly draws the attention of a viewer, holds them near for a moment, and leaves them with something worthwhile: a new thought, a compelling feeling, and above all a desire for more.

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