Yogyakarta: Yabbiekayu

A romantic four-poster bed complete with mosquito netting.

Beautiful outdoor bathroom

Front gardens and porch

Private garden area

Leave it to Jeremiah to find the most exceptionally beautiful place to stay during our trip to Yogyakarta. Settled in a quaint little Indonesian village with stunning views of the rice fields, our own private bungalow at Yabbiekayu Homestay offered the perfect escape from the crowded city. Each morning we awoke to the peaceful sounds of birds and the distant call to prayer, followed by a delicious homemade breakfast served on the front porch.

Jeremiah and I could tell right away that we were back in the company of an artist. We admired and appreciated the balance of traditional and contemporary design and materials. Handmade tile floors, antique furniture, recycled plantation timber, organic lemongrass soap, quality linens, mosquito netting, outdoor bathroom, elegant gardens… everything in perfect harmony with nature.

Part of being an artist, for me, is surrounding myself with beautiful things. They may be rocks collected from an afternoon walk, beautifully crafted pieces of odd furniture, artwork gifted from a friend, boldly colored or patterned pillows, and handicrafts from our adventures around the world. I find that this setting allows me to be continually inspired and to feel at ease. Surrounded by the beauty at Yabbiekayu… our stay was purely bliss.

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